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Music Therapy has the power to ease pain, offer hope, calm fears, and heal hearts. With your donation, Children’s Music Fund can continue providing Music Therapy to children suffering from chronic conditions and/or life-altering illnesses – all at no cost to their families.

Help a child heal through music

Big or small, your donation makes a difference – whether you’re funding a Music Therapy session or simply supporting our organization. It’s the only way Children’s Music Fund can continue providing Music Therapy to CMF Kids at no charge to their families, so they can concentrate on their child’s well-being. If you want to change the life of a child affected by chronic conditions and/or life-altering illnesses, consider donating today.

What is Music Therapy?

As a long-established and accredited health profession, Music Therapy is used in a therapeutic relationship to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals – especially children. Playing and listening to music provides additional healing for both the body and soul, eases pain and anxiety, and offers much-needed solace amidst their conditions and/or treatments. But those under medical care aren’t the only ones who benefit. Music Therapy offers parents, caregivers and healthcare professionals alike a new way to communicate with their kids and ease everyone’s experiences.

Music makes Everett feel hopeful

In his first 12 months of life, Everett spent 11 of them in the hospital. Diagnosed with a rare disease, he’s undergone a liver transplant, countless surgeries and even more anesthesia. In short, Everett has endured more medical and emotional turmoil in his two years than the average person ever will. Given the range of his complex, lifelong health challenges, Everett’s mother, Taryn, sought out Music Therapy to help Everett feel safer and more comfortable, all while finding a sense of autonomy through playing and listening to music.

Behind the Music Therapy

During his hospital residency in 2002, Dr. Raffi Tachdjian met Justin, a teenager suffering from bone cancer. After several failed chemotherapy attempts, Justin was left feeling hopeless and isolated. When Dr. Raffi asked Justin how he could help, he learned that guitar was Justin’s passion. That’s when Dr. Raffi decided to try something unconventional. So, with a donated guitar from a local music shop, Dr. Raffi organized an impromptu concert that same evening, bringing together kids from all over the hospital to enjoy Justin’s music. And that was the beginning of Children’s Music Fund.

Music makes Alec feel calm

Alec was diagnosed with a severe form of epilepsy when he was a young child, causing numerous physical and cognitive challenges throughout his 18 years that will impact him for life. With the odds seemingly stacked against him, Alec’s father, Carlo, sought out Music Therapy as a way to brighten Alec’s life, creating the opportunity for Alec to engage with his family, his healthcare team, and his surroundings. With the help of Children’s Music Fund, Alec is learning how to cope with the stress of his medical journey through music.

Music makes them smile

Children’s Music Fund is growing its nationwide network of board-certified Music Therapists to assist in helping children affected by chronic conditions and life-altering illnesses heal through music. Whether you’re interested in scheduling Music Therapy services for a young patient in your life or feel called to help a child in need as a Music Therapist, we enable you to experience the healing powers of Music Therapy.

Music makes Jean-Marc feel joy

For Jean-Marc, the principle behind Music Therapy is simple: when words fail, music speaks. As a lifelong musician and now board-certified Music Therapist, Jean-Marc knows that music can empower children with chronic conditions to articulate and express themselves in ways that were previously impossible. With that newfound autonomy, Jean-Marc believes Music Therapy doesn’t just fuel a better quality of life – it fuels joy.

Music makes Julia feel magical

When Julia witnessed how singing could help a man with aphasia interact with the world around him, that was her first encounter with the principles behind Music Therapy. That’s precisely what led her to become a board-certified Music Therapist. Through this passion for Music Therapy, Julia has continued building special connections with CMF Kids suffering from chronic, life-altering illnesses, using music to elevate their mood in a magical way.

Your donation to Children’s Music Fund enables children with chronic conditions or life-altering illnesses to live a better life.

For some, that looks like smiling more. For others, it looks like less fear, anxiety and pain throughout their complicated and oftentimes lifelong medical journeys. Your donation directly and positively impacts childrens’ lives by unlocking the healing power of music.

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